The Professor Game 3


– Played with one team that consists of 2 to 6 players
– Relies on speed, intelligence and general knowledge
– Suitable for individuals aged 12 and above


The Professor Game

– The team has to choose a random number from 1 and 14 to distribute the question lists
– The lists have to be placed inside of the files and stabilized with the help of the clips
– In order to get the letter that the team will compete with, the dice has to be thrown for the number next to the letter to be selected
– The answers have to strictly begin with the same letter that matches the number
– Members of the team have to answer the 12 questions the list include within three minutes to get the highest scores possible
– Similar answers don’t count and should be omitted
– If a team member left an illogical/ vague answer, the rest of the team members should vote to decide whether if the answer counts or not

Box includes:
1. Pencils
2. Clips
3. Dice
4. Answer sheets
5. 14 lists of various questions
6. Files
7. Lists of numbers and letters