Jackaroo Three Players


Colored Halls

Board With Numbers

Original Color Marble Balls

Special Bag


Jackaroo 2/3 players

Jackaroo Double face Three & Two players big size and suitable for playing the game contains ( Bag, 3 sets of Marble & Nap original cards ).


About the Game

Jackaroo game is well known game from a long time its start on India and move to middle east, its booming at the first of 2017 at Jordan GCC countries also in Egypt, USA and some European countries

Its also available for Two Players, Four Players, Six players & Eight Players


JackaroKW is the leading Jackaroo manufacturing in Kuwait country and exporting the game to GCC countries with more than dealership.

You can find JackaroKW brand at Al Shanakel stores, Jarir Bookstores, Al Waleed stores or order it direct through whats up when you click here  or by sending direct message to Instagram account when you click here


Jackaroo Three players Design

Jackaroo design is amazing and color full which add a lot for the playing atmosphere, you can order a special marbles also to get the most out of the game and enjoy to the max.



Jackaroo game set coming with two cards set each on of them contains 52 cards and all the cards made from good quality and heavy duty material to make sure that you not face any problem while you are enjoying the game.


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